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Application and skills of wire rope grease

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The surface grease of wire rope plays a very important role for wire rope. Iron and steel, mines, ports, offshore, construction and other fields of various climatic conditions around the cable and heavy cable cable work need lubrication and protection, typical lubrication components such as cranes, loading winch, crane, lifting equipment, dredger and trawler and other equipment of the wire rope.

High-performance wire rope surface grease generally has the following conditions: extremely strong permeability, can completely cover the metal surface, fast penetration to the core of the wire rope; Has a strong attachment force and a comprehensive surface seal for the cable plays an excellent protection; Excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance, can be used in a variety of indoor or outdoor environments; Reduces the danger of rope failure and reduces the number of repairs; Thin oil film can reduce the adhesion of abrasive material, easy to detect and control the condition of the cable; High pressure resistance, high load carrying capacity; Excellent wear resistance; Good high and low temperature performance, suitable for a wide temperature range under harsh conditions.

High quality wire rope surface lubricants are generally composed of the following materials. Full synthetic base oil and high efficiency compound additives, free of molybdenum disulfide, provide the best corrosion resistance and lubricity to the inner and outer surfaces of the wire rope. Due to the poor adsorption and permeability of mineral oil and solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide or graphite, this synthetic product has become the preferred product of many international original equipment manufacturers in many occasions. Very suitable for refrigeration equipment, automobile, aircraft, ship and other lubrication. Contains no ozone depleting ingredients. Fully synthetic base oil containing PTFE provides long-term protection and extends machine life; Location and details of wire rope lubricant:

The grease applied by the manufacturer in the manufacture of wire ropes

1. The steel wire rope

When the steel strands (from 3 to 50) are twisted together to form a single strand of rope, there are also gaps that must be filled with lubricant.

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If a thick surface layer is required, lubricants can be added during the manufacturing process where the strands are twisted together into a rope, or they can then be soaked in a pool of oil. Depending on the purpose of the wire rope, the choice of lubricant for the strand rope and the whole rope can be a mineral lipid-based or asphalt-based compound. For some applications, the manufacturer may apply a lubricant using a specialized technique.

2. The strand

Each strand of steel in the resulting strand is helical, leaving a series of bolted, tubular voids that must be filled with lubricant to resist corrosion. Lubricant is always added at the twist position when twisting the strand.


The main cable,

Fibre rope cores should be properly groomed (oiled) during fabrication.

This is more effective than soaking it in heated grease.

The individual wire rope cores embedded in each strand shall be lubricated as well as the strand.

Lubrication during work:

Although the wire rope has been lubricated at the time of manufacture, the improvement of the wire rope performance is closely related to proper and correct lubrication during operation.

4.Selection of lubricants

According to the type of equipment used and the working conditions of various working conditions, the range of lubricants used in the wire rope under various working conditions is used for lubricant varieties. The low-speed heavy load crane uses rope rocker crane, vehicle, excavator, mineral oil residue oil, heavy load industrial gear oil, wire rope antirust grease, Under the high speed operation of the winch cable mining winch or hoist, elevator mineral oil residue oil, heavy load industrial gear oil, steel wire rope antirust grease. With high speed and heavy load running on the slope of the traction rope wood and ore hoisting, blast furnace and bucket machine reel up ore oil residue oil, heavy load industrial gear oil, steel rope rust prevention and lubrication

Maintenance methods using Wire Rope Coating Grease:

First one end of the rope will be removed, and the other end, relax as much as possible to the maximum, and then try to hand twitch rope, try to see if abnormal activities, such as abnormal or update soon, if is smooth, it will be at both ends of the oil is wiped clean, twitched a few times, reoccupy cloth to wipe clean, so the action after repeated several times; Will prepared lubricator, should be fixed screw loosening, then wire into the slots, tighten the screw, then aim the spray lubrication of thin tube into the mouth, injection operations, homework can twitch several wire, into a whole wire lubricant can completely, after the completion of the assignment will oiler loosen, reoccupy cloth to wipe clean the surface excess of lubricant, At this time, you will find that the activity of the cable will be several times smoother than before maintenance. Finally, one by one, it will be assembled back, so as to complete the whole maintenance operation. Congratulations, you've learned another trick!

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There is another method of greasing wire rope grease:

1: After the knob of the injector is relaxed, put the cable into the groove

2: After the cable is positioned, tighten the fixing knob

3: aim at the injection port, inject the lubricant into the cable, after the injection reaches a certain degree, relax, and then shake the cable, and repeat the above action, so as to lubricate the whole internal cable more accurately.

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