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What is the best grease for wheel bearing?

Issuing time:2021-06-17 12:16Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Hub bearing lubrication is the most important on the car, and the amount of grease is also the largest. When replacing the hub bearing grease, as long as the bearing is filled with grease between the balls (or rollers), and the hub cavity is "no-load lubrication", that is, the inner cavity of the hub only needs to be thinly coated with a layer of grease to play a rust prevention role. This is easy to heat in order to reduce the working temperature of grease, and can save the amount of grease. Never fill the hub cavity with grease, which is wasteful and unscientific. Because in the case of frequent braking and braking time is too long, it is likely to cause overheating of the wheel hub and grease flow to the surface of the brake friction plate, so that the brake failure affects driving safety.

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If you buy a special bearing, the bearing is contained in the traditional butter type of oil in it, do not add a separate.

If you are in the maintenance process to replace the bearing, buy butter smear and then install.

There is a big difference between grease and lubricating oil, they are two different kinds.

Lubricating oil generally refers to the oil class, in general butter is a paste (liquid butter is best not used on the hub bearing), and lubricating oil is a liquid class. As a wheel bearing grease manufacturer, I think grease is better. When the car hub bearing is lubricated, someone is used to fill the hub cavity with grease, which is not only useless, but also harmful. When the hub cavity is filled with grease, the bearing heat dissipation is poor, the resistance increases, the temperature rises, and the grease deteriorates faster. When the grease is heated, it will expand and break the oil seal. Only a thin layer of grease is applied in the cavity to prevent rust, which can not only prevent the above hazards, but also save a lot of grease.

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The characteristics and production materials of hub bearing grease

Hub bearing grease is made of compound thickening mixed synthetic base oil, and added with multi-effect additives such as anti-oxygen, anti-corrosion and anti-extreme pressure. Has good high and low temperature performance, water resistance, oxidation resistance, and extreme pressure lubrication performance, with a long service life. Because the axle head of the vehicle hub operates in a high temperature environment, it is difficult for the general lithium base grease to reach the heat resistance and extreme pressure required for bearing lubrication. The use of the general lithium base on the shaft head can not play a good lubrication effect, and the grease separation of the general lithium base grease will be caused by the high temperature in the hub. Therefore, the maintenance of hub bearings needs to choose the extreme pressure lithium grease with better heat resistance and extreme pressure.

Although the car uses a lot of grease, but the general grease is very little, basically need to use special grease. According to the use of parts can be divided into: hub bearing grease, constant speed universal joint grease, body accessories grease, chassis grease and automotive electrical grease five categories, although constant speed universal joint grease belongs to the chassis assembly, but because of its higher requirements, and is an important part of the consumption of cars, so it is separately divided into a class. According to the initial installation or maintenance can be divided into initial installation grease and maintenance grease, usually the specification of initial installation grease is higher than that of curing grease.

Hub bearing grease, reduce friction, non-toxic, non-carbonization, suitable for plastic and metal, with increased finished product finish, prevent finished product scratch, damage, no defects, anti-static.

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In the conclusion: there is no best grease, only the most appropriate IT. According to the needs of each mechanical equipment bearing to customize the appropriate grease, for example, can observe its speed, temperature, pressure, in the selection of the most appropriate grease.

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