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Paper Dryer Grease Usage Guide

Issuing time:2021-11-15 14:48Author:JUNTAI grease

The selection of appropriate grease plays a vital role in the later replacement of corrugator bearings and the work of the machine. Because the temperature of the equipment is too high, the inferior grease is often baked dry or even ligated and finally the bearing is stuck, leading to its fracture. So how to choose the right paper dryer grease? An example will be used to illustrate this.

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Around July 2021, the company received a call from a distributor of high quality grease. The content is that the equipment of a paper factory often changes bearings, which delays a lot of manpower to repair, thus delaying the production time.

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After we received the news, we went to check the current situation of the production workshop. After the observation of professional grease technicians, the following problems were found:

1. The quality of grease is too poor.

2. The viscosity of grease is inappropriate.

3. The onsite temperature is too high. (Why is it too hot?)

4. There is a large amount of water in the working environment that cannot be treated.

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Before making paper, a large amount of raw materials are soaked in water and crushed, and then dried at high temperatures so that the temperature is too high. All the driving is done through a few large bearings, if the bearings can not rotate properly all the processes will stop. That's why juntai Grease company came to help.

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After understanding the situation on site, the technical team held a brief meeting. Selected juntai brand paper dryer grease. It has the right viscosity, is extremely resistant to high temperatures, and most importantly, is waterproof.

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I consulted the staff of the paper mill a few days ago, and now the equipment is in normal operation. There have been no problems with the equipment since proper grease was replaced. So pick the right time at any given time.

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