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discussion of synthesis gear grease for open gear and industrial gear

Issuing time:2021-06-17 12:13Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Synthetic gear grease is made of high viscosity synthetic oil as base oil, complex soap base as thickener and molybdenum disulfide solid lubricant, anti-oxidation, anti corrosion and other additives. Is a special oil, its viscosity is generally very excellent. Its quality can often affect the service life of the product, although we rarely see it in life, but in many devices have its existence. For example, it is used for electric fans, air conditioning fans, heaters, microwave ovens, barbecue ovens, lighting and other products in the synchronous motor of plastic gear, metal gear will use it, and high quality products will play a role in reducing noise.

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Also, in some high load, overload, high pressure gear device will use viscosity gear grease industry, such as worm gear and worm drive reducer, sliding guide rail, shock absorber, electrical appliances, office equipment, automobile combination switch and control system, electronic products and toys plastic gears and plastic assembly of lubrication and protection. It will play a role in damping and noise reduction. some lubricating grease manufacturers remind users when use synthesis gear grease, open gear grease and industrial gear grease for that. It must be noted that when in use, brush a thin layer on the tooth surface or the surface of the assembly; Compatibility test should be done before use for some special plastics. This will provide better protection.

The viscosity of open gear grease is very good, and has a special high temperature durable lubrication ability. Nano extreme pressure additives are added in the product, when the machine is working, the grease will be evenly distributed on the lubrication surface, so that the gear in the heavy load working environment normal operation, will not be sintered or stuck, in the wet, wet and dusty environment can still maintain the perfect lubrication effect. Good permeability makes it better protected when the machine is working, and it will not evaporate and oxidize under high impact load. Encountering high temperature of the machine, its high temperature resistance plays a role, still adheres to the machinery to maintain a good grease gear. Because it is a fully synthetic gear grease, its service life is very long. When machinery is used in harsh environment, it has played a good protection, because it is waterproof and rust prevention function, will not be affected by the weather and dust.

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Gear is an important link in mechanical equipment, the operation of the machine has a great relationship with them. It is usually in high temperature, high speed and some unique natural environment. Therefore, in order to consider the lubrication and noise reduction of the reducer gear under high temperature and high speed working conditions, be sure to use high-quality products. It has a lot of advantages and functions. Eat 1, such as improving the fatigue properties of the tooth surface contact pressure is a key element harm tooth surface fatigue, due to the special gear grease has steady enough compressive strength, the compressive strength of the oil slick so lubrication condition of tooth surface contact pressure have immediate harm, again raise the tooth surface fatigue properties.

2, reduce the transmission gear vibration and noise caused by gear vibration and noise for many reasons, so lubrication is very important; Because of the viscosity of gear special grease, it can reduce the vibration, impact and noise of gear. But different lubrication methods and grease on gear vibration and noise hazards are different, so to choose the appropriate grease.

3, reduce the damage of the tooth surface gear because of special grease formed in the middle of the gear mesh surface have certain compressive strength of lubricating oil, ductility separate meshing tooth surfaces, and the extreme pressure lubrication grease preservatives and metal surface chemical changes cause lubricating film, so to cope with the boundaries at anytime and anywhere, thus maintaining the gear in the middle of the separation, Make sure to clean up the damage.

4, to prevent the damage of tooth surface gluing gluing is a common way of invalid transmission gear. In other words, in the meshing tooth surface, when the load and speed exceed the bearing capacity of the lubrication film, the lubrication film will crack, and the raw materials on the meshing tooth surface will directly contact and produce dry friction, resulting in damage. The temperature of the tooth surface will rise sharply, and the two meshing tooth surfaces will stick and tear to each other to form bonding damage. The special gear grease has certain adhesion, bearing capacity and extreme pressure resistance characteristics, so it ensures the separation of meshing tooth surfaces, and then prevents the generation of bonding damage.

The above is the whole discussion of this article, although it has many defects, but perhaps there are many advantages have not been explained, but its benefits are obvious. As long as you pay attention to the use of the device, you will find more

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