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Proposal from high-end lubricant oil and grease manufacturer

Issuing time:2021-06-17 12:12Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

The quality of grease is crucial, which often affects the operation and service life of equipment.

High efficiency grease will greatly improve production efficiency and efficiency.

Because the procurement of many companies is not a technical personnel, so many procurement personnel do not know what kind of grease should be purchased.

So today, the grease manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction on how to purchase grease.

Purpose of using grease.

First of all, we should consider what purpose the lubricant oil and grease manufacturer is to achieve, in order to reduce friction, protection, or seal.

Make specific choices based on what you want to achieve.

The working temperature of the lubrication part.

Operating temperature is one of the important factors in choosing grease.

Lubricant oil and grease supplier introduces product temperature and suitable working environment, so as to select the right grease.

The load of the lubrication part is also very important. According to the different lubrication parts, choose EP grease or high temperature grease.

The speed of the lubrication part also needs to be considered.

According to the different speed and power of the lubrication part, the requirements for grease are not the same. We should first understand the lubrication part of our machine in this area without special requirements, so as to choose high speed bearing grease or low-speed grease.

The environment of the lubrication part and the medium in contact with it.

The grease of some grease manufacturers will be incompatible with some materials, so even if other conditions can be achieved, the grease can not be selected. At this time, acid and alkali resistant grease can be appropriately selected.

The filling method of grease.

The grease of some grease manufacturers will need special oil gun injection, so it is necessary to know whether their lubricating objects are suitable for these filling methods.

lubricating grease _ bearing grease _ high speed bearings grease.jpg

(the high speed bearing grease with high quality)

The last point is the most important, considering the overall economic effect.

According to their own economic conditions to choose the relative grease, but avoid small cheap to choose some inferior grease to use, so that not only can not play a role in protecting the machine, but also damage the machine, affecting the service life of the machine.

Crack down on illegal activities of operating and selling counterfeit lubricating oil and fake and shoddy products.

More terrible than lubricating oil "rising tide" is "counterfeit brand low price competition" greedy for cheap is one of the human nature.

In the face of the same packaging, the same brand of products, an amateur consumer's original psychological motivation is to save a few pieces, can save a few tens.

As long as the two look exactly the same and the price difference is not much, the default is that the two products should be similar.

And maybe feel good about the few dozen dollars you've saved.

The consumer is not to blame.

It's human nature, and consumers around the world are basically like that.

After the rapid rise of base oil in recent months and the release of the adjustment letters by several major global lubricating oil additive giants, the price curve of the lubricating oil market is no longer the usual lukewarm, regardless of the growth of offline market sales, the source of production costs has been a real rise.

Often in the industry generally rising prices, a variety of counterfeit big low-price products on the surface of a large number of ghosts and ghosts.

Why is it that the more prices go up, the more fakes appear?

I've thought about this many times.

Because when the market price rises, many consumers still miss the last purchase price and never forget it, can not temporarily accept

"I bought this thing last time, and I have to pay more than I did last time."

"I can't accept spending more money this time, and I still want big-brand goods, but I don't want to change the brand again."

These two psychology add up, get together, is the consumer psychology of the vast majority of people.

So this explains that whenever the market price goes up, there will be a larger than usual number of counterfeit brand oil will surface and flood the market.

Fake big oil like to meet this kind of psychology at this time, take advantage of the void.

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